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The 2014 Academy Awards

 The 2014 Academy Awards

Here’s the somewhat annual disclaimer: I love the Oscars. It’s not that I am a “film buff,” it’s that I love brilliant filmmaking and unlike the Grammys, the Oscars generally successfully offer an authoritative take on what was the year’s best. For several years, I’ve tried to offer my piping hot Oscar takes before the awards are handed out, and not to brag, but when I’m allowed time to educate myself, I’m very good at it.

This year, I walked out of the final Best Picture nominee that I would see (“Captain Phillips”), got into my car, parked at my Southside apartment, walked across the street and got hit by a car. So I was never able to see “Nebraska” or “Philonema.” I did catch “Blue Jasmine” on DVD, whatever help that provided my judgement, and I also caught Oscar nominated “Bad Grandpa” on DVD. One of those movies was a made by a pervert.

So here’s my best effort. I wish I had seen more, but I suppose life happens.

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