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2018 Concerts of the Year

I saw one show this year that caught me completely off guard, another show that I am redacting every detail about and a band of punk rock heroes. I saw intimate living room style shows and I went to Red Rocks. I even managed to see Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit a time or two (Red Rocks, the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn, Providence, Indianapolis, Nashville, Portland, down the street).
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Albums of the Year 2018

I got way into EDM this year. The world is a dark and sad place and one day this summer at the pool, I was surrounded by youths and they were all listening to EDM. It made me feel a lot better than my usual fare. Though, none of that really made this list of my favorite works of art in 2018. I guess that’s largely because most EDM is taken in small doses (I don’t think I intend that to be a pun). Here are some tracks I particularly loved this year, many of which carry me to a very specific time and place – and that type of song is special. Continue reading

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