Ells. Scalici. The Fight Song Challenge.


Ells. Scalici. The Fight Song Challenge.

Here’s the deal, y’all. On May 22, the offices at The Literacy Council were badly damaged in a fire. So much so, the non-profit was forced to temporarily relocate. This year, I have served as the Junior Board Chair for The Literacy Council, which has proven to be as unique of a like situation one could find themselves in – what began as a year with a few regular fundraisers with modest aims has turned into a year in which the Junior Board is assisting the Board of Directors in attempts to raise $500,000 by the end of August in order to handle these repairs and make other necessary improvements.

A few generous friends that root for Alabama heard my initial pleas for aid and were more than willing to help. But they wanted me to work for my supper, if you will. The initial bet was that with “X dollars raised, I have to wear an Alabama hat during the Iron Bowl.” And I’ve never been one to shy away from a friendly wager or from doing something ridiculous for a good cause. The only problem was, I needed something that could attract both Alabama fans and Auburn fans. I didn’t feel like me “NOT” wearing an Alabama hat was an incentive for Auburn fans.

Enter my good friend, my podcast co-host and managing producer for sports at AL.com, Matt Scalici. Matt has been generous enough to be your target, Auburn fans, and he’s prepared to sport orange and blue for a good cause. We hope that we can raise a bunch of money for The Literacy Council, a non-profit group which strives to improve adult literacy numbers through tutoring programs.

We’re going head-to-head until August 29, and if Alabama fans donate the most money, I will put on a Tide shirt or hat and I’ll sing the Alabama fight song. If Auburn fans donate the most money, Matt will put on an Auburn shirt or hat and sing the Auburn fight song. We’ll video it. Presumably at the opposing team’s stadium at a tailgate, but that’s part of the detail we’ll have to work out as we go. In either case, you’ll be able to watch it, Internet.

The skinny:

1. Visit alliteracycouncil.wordpress.com. There, you will find a “Donate” button which will take you to Paypal where you can make a donation to the campaign in any amount that you like at or above $10.

2. [UPDATED] The payment link has been moved to Paypal, so I am going to need you to tweet, text, call or email me and make sure I know which side you are putting your money on. If you are seeing this, chances are you know some way that you can communicate a message to me.

[UPDATED AGAIN] On second inspection, there may be a spot on Paypal for you to list this Designation info. In either case, just make sure I am aware of which side you are donating for. Amount is not necessary – they’ll be able to look your name up in the system.

[UPDATED AGAIN AGAIN] We have had a donation since the switch, and there IS a portion of the Paypal process for a “Message.” That’s where you need to let us know which side is getting your money. Or tell me. Either way. Good? Good.


3. That’s it!

Tell your friends, tell the message boards…whatever. Matt and I want to raise as much money as we can for a good cause, and I’m fortunate that he’s agreed to challenge me here. War Eagle, and Roll Tide.

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