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Adeem the Artist creates Their Bud.

I watched American Aquarium open their summer tour at the Basement East a few weeks ago with Adeem the Artist. They’ll be opening some dates later on the tour, and they got to hear me scream-sing most of the catalog as a primer for the occasion. Everyone was there; it was Nashville’s main event for cool kids that evening. Adeem ran into comedian Drew Morgan, who told Adeem that he “liked his vibe.” Marcus King was there, so were Tyler Mahan Coe and Katie Pruitt. It was a lot of fun to be in a packed club with people watching live music again.

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American Aquarium is bringing a lot of new music to Key West.

Tough times don’t last; tough folks do.

There isn’t much of the past year for anyone to be positive about. It sucked. Touring came to a screeching halt, and for a band like American Aquarium, that was killer. They put out their eighth studio album, Lamentations, anyway. Against all odds and better judgement. And it was one of their best. Continue reading

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The band they’re supposed to be

American Aquarium comes to Birmingham on the heels of their eighth studio release, Wolves. Raised on Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown and the sounds emerging from Raleigh, North Carolina, the band’s story of survival includes a period when they had considered hanging it up, but soldiered through to complete their biggest and most revealing record, Burn.Flicker.Die. Continue reading

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