The Pollies debut music video for ‘She’

The Pollies released their Single Lock debut, Not Here, on Sept. 25. While the band did a handful of shows behind the release, it hits the road in earnest this month, with 12 dates in February and March that include a stop at The Nick on March 20.

“Lost” served as the record’s debut single, and “Jackson” was the followup. “Paperback Books” was the third release, but none received the video treatment. Now, the Muscle Shoals rockers are debuting the music video for their song “She.” You can watch the video below. 

“She” was always lead singer Jay Burgess’s favorite track. Single Lock label founder John Paul White was always fond of it, too. Recently, a video concept came to Burgess and he collaborated with Florence’s Corey Hannah to make the vision a reality.

“I just had an idea one day while I was riding down the road,” Burgess said. “And I called Corey Hannah and asked him if he’d be down to shoot it.”

The video stars Jay’s son, six-year-old Parker. Parker also graced the album cover, and he did both in Jay’s trademark Alabama hat.

“I wanted to try to get a different perception of the song,” said Burgess. “When most people hear it for the first time, I think they think it’s someone whining about a breakup, but I wanted to portray it in the way that I wanted it to come across. As kids, we all want to run away from mommy and daddy because they do whatever they do to piss you off, but when you grow up and you start thinking about it, you just want to go back to the place that you started at and try to figure out what happened.”

The video portrays that maturation process as Parker roams the fields of north Lauderdale County, “deep Greenhill” as Burgess described it.

“There’s a scene in the video where he’s trying to skip rocks in the water and when he comes back to the same spot in the creek, he actually begins to skip the rocks,” said Burgess. “It’s little things like that – growing up, going back home, starting at step one and figuring yourself out.”

A new record is already finished, one that Burgess hopes to release in 2016.

The Pollies perform at The Nick on Sunday, March 20. They’ll share the bill with Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars. The show begins at 10 p.m. and tickets are $6. For more information, visit

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